September 2014

Configure – Spin – Win

…is the name of the game! WINDnovation presents a wind turbine simulation game at the Hamburg Wind 2014 where our guests and visitors can configure a pitch controlled wind turbine. Besides selecting a place on the globe where to put… read more →

New 200KW turbine successfully operating in Italy – Design by WINDnovation

The 200 kW wind turbine designed by WINDnovation and produced by AEOLIA Windtech is now operating successfully in southern Italy. After prototype operation started in July 2013, more units have been installed in the summer of 2014. The completely new… read more →

WINDnovation engages in new turbine technology for on and off-grid and remote areas

With its new design for the sub-megawatt class of wind turbines, WINDnovation is looking for new markets. Main targets are off-grid applications and remote areas and islands. The new turbine technology focuses on components made mainly in the target markets,… read more →