…is the name of the game!

WINDnovation presents a wind turbine simulation game at the Hamburg Wind 2014 where our guests and visitors can configure a pitch controlled wind turbine. Besides selecting a place on the globe where to put it, the rated power, the rotor diameter and the hub height can be set and a performance curve and some basic turbine parameters for this individual configuration will be calculated and displayed.

Then the guests are in charge of the pitch control: A realistic wind field will be generated and the task is to extract over a period of 120 seconds as much energy as possible.

But be aware: The pitch control shows a realistic inertia and the wind blows  as randomly as in nature. If you are too careful and set the pitch at a too high pitch angle, you will not generate very much energy but if you are too careless and use a too small pitch angle the turbine will go into overspeed and shut down. The best performer of every day will win a nice desktop decorating Berlin Buddy Bear – see below.

buddy bears

Try your best at the WindEnergy 2014 in Hamburg, Sept. 23 – 26 at our booth no. 501 in hall 7.