The 200 kW wind turbine designed by WINDnovation and produced by AEOLIA Windtech is now operating successfully in southern Italy. After prototype operation started in July 2013, more units have been installed in the summer of 2014.

The completely new design uses proven technology and conforms to the latest guidelines. The drive train featuring a medium speed permanent magnet generator runs especially quiet. A full power inverter ensures compliance with the latest grid codes. The turbine offers 40m hub height and 30m rotor diameter. The compact design makes this turbine ideal for remote sites and islands with a weak grid connection. The variable speed rotor together with the hydraulic pitch system ensures maximum utilization of the wind over the full operating range. A design with a 36m rotor for low wind locations is in preparation.

The turbine components including the rotor blades were designed by WINDnovation, the turbine is produced and marketed by AEOLIA Windtech SRL.