This weekend Berlin celebrated the 25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.


WINDnovation’s offices are located exactly on the borderline of former east and west Berlin and the area is one of the few remaining places of Berlin where the wall is still visible nowadays (the East Side Gallery).This week-end it was in the middle of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of its fall.


Berlin created a row of balloons on the border strip. Every 2.5m a balloon was placed through the inner city border of the wall. They were illuminated the whole weekend and resolved into the air on 9th Nov. 2014. Thousands of people came to watch the event and to witness how the wall dissolved once again.
As the balloons rose into the air the crowd started cheering.


As the icon of the cold war, with support from Soviet Russia the GDR started building a wall around west Berlin, which completely isolated east Berlin from the west sectors of the city. It lasted 28 years until it fell on November 9th of 1989 as a result of the peaceful revolution in Leipzig and the whole GDR.
We are happy to be so close to history!

Text and Photos by Yannic Stoer.