Some interesting new products at JEC 2015


Like every year the JEC in Paris is one of the highlight exhibitions regarding innovations and benchmarking trends for composite materials. The exihibiton was hosted at the pavilion 7 for the second time, though moving closer to the Charles de Gaulle airport next year.
Orientation at JEC was never easy due to overwhelming information, causing you to spend some time finding the booth you are looking for.

After finding all places of interest, some interesting material developments for the rotor blade industries appeared. The most interesting and promising ones we like to share with you.

DIAB presented only a very small sample of it new PCV core in a glass cabinet. They stated that this close cell core will have much lower resin uptake (up to 70%) compare to their standard product used in wind blades by keeping the mechanical properties on the same level.

3A presented their new PET core T10 without any bonding boundaries but enhanced and defined shear properties in length and crosswise direction.

SAERTEX presented their interesting Saerfoam core as a possible Balsa substitute material with GL certificate.

HEXION shared all information on the new boning paste BPR535 as well as interesting possible application potential of their new spray glue P329. The new bonding paste promised interesting weight reduction potential because of the lower density and significant manufacturing improvements due to the fast TG build up combined with a long pot life.

Like always, we are keen to see how these and many other materials from other suppliers will perform in the market.